Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Holiday Reminder

Ah, the Christmas season. Where Christmas fanatics and self-proclaimed Scrooges sprinkle the streets like a fresh winter snow. Encountering a few too many bah-hum bugs this holiday season made me question what makes people so anti- a merry Christmas that they act like disciples of the Grinch. For as long as I can remember Christmas was always the time of the year where no matter what kind of cascading terrible sequence of unfortunate events you had the holiday season hinted the promise of family, support and some form of appreciation with a gift or inspired gesture. But now, instead of the fear of coal in your stocking you become worrisome that the next encounter will be someone that just hates everything about Christmas or they try to ruin your Christmas mood with some asinine joke or sniped remark. So, what gives?
I know what you're thinking; here's another holiday nut telling her readers to spread Christmas cheer. Nope, not doing that today - especially since Christmas is over.  Here's what I am telling you, though: when people get older the simple elements, you know that out-of-the box happiness -- becomes way overcomplicated. People start with the compare and contrast method to qualify their happiness and designate what their Christmas should look like. The bubble of Christmas cheer serves as a reminder of all the bad things or reasons why Christmas is overrated. Then Christmas becomes what you don't have instead of a celebration of what you do have. No wonder people get upset and melancholy runs rampant through their conversations.
But, here's the thing Christmas is a little reminder that patience has a pinnacle, and ebb and flow exists in more than just an ocean. It's like when someone is going through a hard time and you can't find the right words to say, "hang in there" or when you want someone to believe that it just takes time for something to pass over, like heartbreak or getting to acceptance. Sometimes, it's hard to see or feel where the waiting game of life will take you, but in its own joyous way, Christmas is the example of a season where hope and "on pins and needles" gives you an exhausting ride, but eventually comes to a close and leaves most people with the inspiration to make new promises (oh hello, new year).
So, M/Mrs. Grinch, what say you now? The holiday season that just culminated in the last day (with remnants that will delicately extend through week's end) is just a bittersweet reminder - this too shall pass.


  1. Luckily, I've never run across a real-live grinch. And even if I do, I'm positive that won't ruin my holiday spirit.

    I hope you had an amazing holiday!

    1. thanks for reading Carla! They are certainly out there, just hope they realize the larger message of Christmas.


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