Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Attainable Ideals

Alright, so maybe I've said it before -- but really, what's with all the TV shows that are horribly realistic? I mean I can't be the only one that looks to Hollywood and says, "thank goodness they get paid to be perfect, otherwise where would all my pinspiration (and the traditional kind) come from?" Listen, I like my tv idols just as well as the next girl: skinny, a dose of scripted wit and the ability to never over or under dress. Last night as I succumbed to the group decision to watch Girls, admittedly, there were some parts where I chuckled, but overwhelmingly the awkward dialogue and unfortunate style choices were distracting! If entertainment is suppose to suggest a vicarious life, or an escape route with aspiration, then what's with this new genre? On one hand I get it -- people are looking for a novel in a television show and shows like Girls offer multidimensional characters that people can relate to and give a voice to the "common girl," oh and we also don't have to read and comprehend, just watch and listen. On the other hand, you don't need a television show to remind you how nondescript and vulnerable you actually are, at least I don't. I'd much prefer to watch a show that keeps me thinking and dreaming versus "oh man someone out there really gets me, unfortunately she's making all the dough, and the only thing more I have is a girl that can't be described as pretty acting out scenes that could easily be from my weekend." I mean really.
Another thing, I must say to male readers that adore this show: just because there are moments you might have recently experienced with a girl when she offers tangential line of reasoning and you see it again in this show this does not mean the show is a window into the girl psyche, therefore you should not assume she would also agree to get a horrible tattoo or wear a bra in public, or any other egregious attribute that might be assigned should you hold this show as bible when it comes to girls. In fact, all this show really summed up is that life and girls don't make sense - and you can't make even make a show that's going to appeal to all of us. Because we're so complicated and yet oversimplified in our ideals that nothing and everything satisfies us. Makes so much sense, right?

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